858 George Street Motel News Feed http://www.858georgestreetmotel.co.nz 858 George Street Motel 858 George Street have been awarded TripExpert's 2018 Experts' Choice Awardhttp://www.858georgestreetmotel.co.nz/news/3/858-George-Street-have-been-awarded-TripExpert-s-2018-Experts-Choice-Award<p>TripExpert&rsquo;s awards are based on over 1 million reviews from 85 leading travel guides, magazines and newspapers. 858 George Street received the award because professionals recognise our accommodation as among the best hotels in Dunedin.</p> <p>We feel incredibly privileged to be included, as less than 2% of hotels worldwide receive this award.</p> <p>With positive reviews from publications like <em>Lonely Planet</em>, 858 George Street Motel is featured on TripExpert.com as one of the best hotels in Dunedin.<br /> <br /> 858 George Street Motel has also received TripExpert&#39;s Best of Dunedin award. Reviewers agree that it is an outstanding choice for accommodation in Dunedin.</p> <p>You can view the award on our <a href="/" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:1">homepage</a> and read more about the award on the <a href="https://www.tripexpert.com/press-releases/858-george-street-motel-experts-choice-2018">TripExpert website.</a></p>1519729200http://www.858georgestreetmotel.co.nz/news/3/858-George-Street-have-been-awarded-TripExpert-s-2018-Experts-Choice-Awardhttp://www.858georgestreetmotel.co.nz134858 George Street have been awarded TripExpert's 2018 Experts' Choice Awardhttp://www.858georgestreetmotel.co.nz/news/3/858-George-Street-have-been-awarded-TripExpert-s-2018-Experts-Choice-Award